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MPCB (Motor Protection Circuit Breaker)

Circuit-breakers are suitable for side-by-side mounting up to 60 °C. In addition to the usual CLOSED/OPEN circuit-breaker positions, the TRIPPED position is also indicated.  circuit-breakers can be connected easily and without any wiring to the SIRIUS contactors and soft starters through a link module. The clear, structured range is electrical, mechanically and optically harmonized to the other families. Furthermore, the four sizes cover a current range up to 100 A. This corresponds to a power range up to 45 kW at 400 V AC.

The MPCBs are supplied with factory-fitted over current release. There are five possible options:

1. MPCB with a standard release
2. MPCB with relay function
3. MPCB with “MAG only” release
4. MPCB with Class  20 release
5. MPCB for Transformer protection

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